I highly recommend Dr A Botha & Team with FUE Hair Transplant.

I have seen massive results and growth on the areas on my scalp that needed some attention.
Just before 10 months is when I started to see massive results as my hair follicles started to grow from where they were implanted on my scalp. Dr A Botha & Team mentioned how I should go about before and after to take care of the new hair follicles, I followed all the necessary steps from them as it was a breeze, today I can my hair looks fuller and I am really happy with my results. It really made a huge difference & I’m grateful to the whole team.

Dr A Botha & Team were very friendly & professional and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process, I highly recommend them if you thinking of getting a hair transplant (FUE) as they were very successful in getting it right with my hair.

George De Araujo

I just wanted to thank Dr Anastasia Botha for the tremendous job that the has done with my FUE hair transplant. Over the course of treatment, I have gone from being completely bald to almost having a full head of hair.

The procedures themselves were comfortable and relatively painless, the team was excellent in attending to my comfort whilst working stealthily and painstakingly to maximize the success of the procedure.

I am delighted with the results and all my friends and family are completely amazed by the change that has occurred over time. I have also noticed that my confidence has improved massively.

I had tried many other “treatments” in the past such as laser, Propecia, minoxidil etc with extremely poor results. For me this was by far the best and most natural method.

I have also recommended many friends and family members for the procedure, who have also had great success with it.


Zano Tyannis

Dear Dr Anastasia Botha,

My name is Nokwanda Mahori, and I am recovering from a receding hairline.

Many black women suffer from traction alopecia; it has become the norm for those in my generation and younger. We pull, twist and turn our hair in all directions to the extent that our hairlines are damaged, brittle and tired of the abuse, and well at that stage, the damage to the hair follicles is irreversible with little to no prospects for repair and regeneration.

I would like to convey my appreciation for changing my life. I had a receding hairline, which was more severe around my frontal and temple areas. I had tried numerous interventions to restore my hair to its original state and condition, but none were effective before I met you.

I would like to thank you for taking on your first black patient. I know black hair is thick and difficult to transplant.

Until I got the joy from having a hairline, I never fully understood just how sad it made me to have a receding hairline, I never fully understood the mental and emotional trauma that I refused to come to the fore and subconsciously subdued.

My hairline started to recede in 2012, because I had dreadlocks. In 2014 I cut off my dreadlocks. I tried numerous interventions to revive my hairline, but all failed. I was also on very high minoxidil dosages. Minoxidil fed the hair that already existed and did not aid in places where I had bald patches.

Thank you Dr Botha, you have given me back my confidence and brought me so much joy. Your help is greatly appreciated. This hair transplant has changed my life. I now have growth in areas where my hair had not come back since 2014.

With gratitude,

16 February 2021

Nokwanda Mahori wakwaNxumalo